Peerless was an American automobile produced by the Peerless Motor Company of Cleveland, Ohio. The company was known for building high-quality, precision luxury automobiles.

Established in Cleveland in 1900, a
s the Peerless evolved, it along with makes Packard and Pierce-Arrow, became known as the 'Three-P's' of premium vehicles in the United States.

Peerless' downfall was in its quality. By 1930, the company was producing a conservatively styled vehicle that would last for ten or more years. Current Peerless owners held onto their cars, which ran very well; new buyers of luxury cars were attracted to LaSalle, Packard and the Studebaker President series. This effectively ended Peerless as an automobile manufacturer.

This Peerless is powered by a Straight Eight 120 horsepower engine that Peerless claimed could go to 115 mph. But with a pricetag in the $3200 range it was too pricey for most buyers. On a style note, this cars two-tone paint job is one of the nicest designs I've ever seen on any car and the colourful taillight clusters are downright funky!