In 1902 Carl H. Blomstrom produced a single-cylinder automobile which he dubbed the Blomstrom. With a 5.5 inch bore and a 6 inch stroke, the single-cylinder engine was capable of producing eight horsepower. During their introductory year, around 24 examples had been produced. By 1903 a two-cylinder opposed engine had been created and patented by Blomstrom.

In 1904 the C. H. Blomstrom Motor Car Company was officially created. The name of their two-passenger runabout automobile was changed to Queen.

At the close of 1906 the Blomstrom Company merged with the DeLuxe Motor Car Company. By August of 1909, with less than 100 'De Luxes' created, the company and all of its assets were sold to Everett-Metzger-Glanders.

During the production lifespan of the Queen automobile nearly 1500 examples were created but this is the only known example of this model year still in existence. As such a rare automobile it sold recently at auction for over 100,000 dollars American.