With an act of government more reminiscent of Communist China than freedom loving Canada, today the Ontario provincial government imposed a new contract on Ontario’s elementary and high school teachers. The corresponding Bill 115 has taken away the rights and freedoms of the province’s teachers, rights and freedoms that the fathers and mothers of those teachers defeated Hitler to defend.

This shameful crime against humanity even takes away teachers sick leave, even though having sick teachers in class is hardly something that the children should be exposed to. We’ll be watching to see how many kids are harmed from viral infections as a result of this Bill.

This Act of the Ontario provincial government imposes a contract on the teachers, whether they want it or not. Now the most fundamental basis of contract law, something which humanity has created and lived with for at least 5000 years that we know of, is that a contract is only a contract if both parties sign it. The teachers union undoubtedly has no intention of signing it so what is it? It can’t be a contract despite calling it that.

So we’ve invented a new word for these types of one-sided contractual non-agreements. We’re now calling them a ‘guntract’. This is any so-called agreement imposed at the point of a gun, which by making illegal strikes and job action, is effectively the end result. Those who fail to obey the guntract are arrested at the point of a gun. Like in Communist China.