Yet another mainstream media toady, Senator/parasite Pamela Wallin, is defending her $350,000 worth of travel expenses and the PM concurs that it’s perfectly all right that hardworking citizens pay to allow Senator Wallin to ring up these massive travel expense charges. This is on top of the already shocking tale of ex-media hack Mike ‘The Puffster’ Duffy and his ridiculous claims to residence where he doesn’t actually live.

What Saskatchewan senatorial representative Wallin's doing is living in Toronto whilst claiming expenses for her claim to be living in Saskatchewan somewhere. So what happens is, she lives in Toronto but when she leaves Ottawa, first she flies to Saskatchewan briefly then heads over to her real residence in Toronto where she stays until needed in the Senate in which case she round trips back through Saskatchewan again. And we taxpayers get to work our asses off to pay for this nonsense.

But these stories are being treated very gently by the mainstream media, most of whom are hoping for their own parasitic appointments to the Senate, and certainly don’t want to make any waves that might cause the Senate to be abolished.

Like sharks on a feeding frenzy, too many mainstream media elite have too much vested in gaining a fat paycheque and pension on We The People’s dime. So expect this story to slowly but surely disappear from the public airwaves.