Canadian citizens have been taking to the streets to protest the loss of three billion dollars from taxpayers by the incompetent federal government. In a bid to stave off criticism of the 'missing' 3 billion dollars from the public's coffers, Canada's extremist fascist government has announced draconian new laws designed to imprison any free born Canadian citizen caught wearing a mask at a public protest of the theft oops we mean disappearance of that 3 billion tax dollars.

Increasingly, at protests demanding the money back and various other condemnations of the Harper fascists, citizens have been wearing those funny "We want our 3 billion dollars back" masks and so the government, made up of mostly radicalized elements of rightwing society in Canada, has tried to use violence against the people to shut the people up. This is a tried and true method used by Iran, North Korea and Russia to silence criticism so, "why not try it here" asks our extremist federal government.

In the meantime, the number of Conservative rats fleeing the sinking ship of the Harper government continues to grow as the realization of extremism sets in. As one former Conservative and now backbench independent MP says, "This is the exact opposite of what we came to Ottawa to achieve."

We don't think the word 'achieve' has much of a role to play, once the opposition takes power everything these evil bastards have done will be reversed, but it shows just how disheartened the Conservative base is these days. And unlike past similar governments of the kind that the Harper government is, there's no big rallies to get excited about and get the blood stirring in support of the unsupportable.

You know the kind of rallies we mean, like the big one at Nuremburg a few years back....