Middle-class Hope residents Dean Grykuliak and his partner Ella Gutierrez prefer to live safely in their homes rather than die horribly from BC Hydro‘s smart meters. They’re not the only ones, several thousand B.C. residents have protested the installation of smart meters at their homes, arguing the wireless devices emit harmful radiation and violate their personal privacy.

And so they were living quietly and law-abidingly in their Hope residence, pillars of the community and a support to the elderly folks living nearby when BC Hydro wheeled up one day and started installing one of their death meters. BC Hydro insists the meters are safe, and will help residents conserve energy. The company also claims it will not install smart meters without homeowners’ permission, but the Hope incident was treated differently because the Grykuliak/Gutierrez family were vocal in their opposition to the meters.

The police, immediately seeing an opportunity for easy employment rather than the dangers of chasing gangsters around, pounced on the situation and when these good middle-class folks resisted the death meter they were arrested for illegally trying to save their lives.

And so they now languish in a jail cell, another middle-class family obliterated to satisfy the war on the middle class. And we just sit idly by and wait our turn.